Brightpearl – Web-based software to grow your business

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Brightpearl is a web-based “Enterprise Resource Planning” system (ERP) for small to medium-sized companies.

Brightpearl doesn’t just enable you to keep track of and record your accounting information; it can actually help to run your entire business.

Here are just some of the features:

  • Fully-hosted and professionally designed integrated website
  • a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) linking with your emails so you can keep track of all your prospects, clients and suppliers and it will even remind you when a phonecall or email is due to one of your contacts.
  • Ability for your customers to pay their invoices online by card via their own customer portal
  • Fully integrated stock control function
  • Purchase order generation

And there are many more….. Go to the Brightpearl website: for more details on the advantages of using this provider.

We work with Brightpearl to provide you with a full accountancy package.

Call Antrobus Software Support on 01730 234511 to discuss using Pearl for your business. We can provide training and support for this service.